COLOR GUARANTEED! Homozygous for LP (App gene) & Black Base! 'Silverado Rein'

Appaloosa Stallion at Stud in Oklahoma
  • City:snyder
  • Zip Code:73566
    Stud Fee:CALL
  • Gender:Stallion
  • Height:15.1
  • Foal Date: May, 2006
    Temperament:  0
  • Breed:
  • Registration(s):
    • Appaloosa Horse Club
  • Markings:Few Spot Stallion, with base coat of Black/Blue Roan. genotype: EEaaLPLP
  • Attributes:
    • Foundation Registered
    • Homozygous
    • HYPP N/N
    • Foundation Eligible
  • Disciplines:
    • All Around (Rank Not Applicable)
    • Breeding Stallion (Trained)
    • Barrel Racing (Rank Not Applicable)
    • Cutting (Rank Not Applicable)
    • Proven Stallion (Rank Not Applicable)
    • Reining (Rank Not Applicable)


"Silverado Rein" is a beautiful and kind stallion who is new to our breeding program.  In the past we have mostly raised AQHA and APHA horses for multiple performance events, but have always looked for a great ApHC stallion to add to the program, and now we have him.  He proved himself as a sire with his previous owners, siring many gorgeous foals out of mostly AQHA cutting and foundation bred mares, and he sires mostly leopards and Blankets/Spots.  Those foals are headed toward crriers in Reining, Cutting, and Barrel racing. 

This stallion has proved himself as a color sire already, but testing also confirmed his genetics.  He is HOMOZYGOUS for the LP gene (Appallosa pattern) and also HOMOZYGOUS for the Black base, and negative (aa) for Agouti!  Genotype is EEaaLPLP.  This means that reguardless of the color of the mare, the foal will inherit an Appaloosa (LP) gene, and a dark base coat gene!  NO REDS & NO SOLIDS!  .... No Guessing here!  He is also being confirmed FOUNDATION bred too.

2013 is the first year he is offered to the public, and Cooled Shipped Semen is offered anywhere in the USA.  He is semen is fantastic and cools Very well.

Visit our website for more pictures, updated pictures, pictures of all foals, and breeding information.  Or call, 580-471-4040.  website:

Photos here are of his foals, a picture of Silverado (in pasture- dirty), and one of his 2 yr old foals.




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