Shagya Stallion at Stud in Wisconsin
  • City:Lodi
  • Zip Code:53555
    Stud Fee:$ 600.00
  • Gender:Stallion
  • Height:15.1
  • Foal Date:
    Temperament:  10
  • Breed:
  • Registration(s):
    • Performance Horse Registry
  • Markings:
  • Attributes:
    • Supreme Champ
  • Disciplines:
    • Endurance Riding (Competed or Shown)


*KS TRIBUTE, Approved Shagya stallion, Sale on the limited amount of frozen semen I have left! eight straws -- $600, which will give you enough for two breedings. Contract will give you one more dose (four straws) FREE if your mare does not conceive in 2018. No booking fee if order is made before June 31, 2018. See Tribute's pedigree and history, plus video. http://www.shagyasport.com/ks_tribute.html . TRIBUTE is approved by ISG in Columbia, S.A., PShR and ASAV He has one of the highest approval scores ever recorded! He will add bone and substance to your foal as well as correct conformation and FEI endurance prospects. He has sired two mares that have 1000 AERC miles and are FEI rated. (This is just the beginning of both their careers). Before his export to South America I was able to freeze a small amount of semen that is stored in Lodi, WI. Breed your purebred Arabian mares and your foal will be eligible for registry in AHR and Shagya Arab registries --
KS Tribute will pass on his bone and substance and remarkable temperament. He is one of the highest scoring Shagya stallion ever approved for breeding. Imported to the U.S. and then exported to South America. I froze a small amount of semen before his leaving the U.S. Excellent choice for purebred Arabian mares, as the foal can be shown in AHR shows as half Arabian. Also his offspring have FEI endurance ratings. His ancestry is from the best proven European bloodlines. cossdj@gmail.com for contract



Tatjanus* Jeremias* Silas
Tatjana Koheilan XXVI
Hadban XV
Obeida I Balaton* Gazal II*
58 O'BaJan XIII O'Bajan XIII*
137 Siglavy X