• Is there a charge to change my pictures or video?

    No; we never charge to change your photos or video’s. We understand that horses change with the seasons and with training, update as often as necessary to provide the best pictures of your horse.
  • How do I upload my photos? Do I have to use a special format?

    To upload photos log into your account, click the Dashboard page and select the category your ad is in (Farms, Stallions, Horse, Tack, Trailer, Real Estate, Directory) Click the Add Photo/Video button next to the name of your ad. You may upload your photos in the following formats JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF formats.
  • What Type of Video can I upload?

    MyHorseForSale.com allows you to add unlimited Youtube and Vimeo video links to our premium and package ads.
  • How do I change the default picture?

    The default picture will automatically be the first picture you load into the system. If you wish to change the default picture, simply click “Make Default” to the right of the pictures in the preview section of the ad.
  • I changed my pictures, but I still see the old one, why?

    Occasionally you will load new pictures to your ad, when you preview the ad you will see the old pictures. Try refreshing your page, if this does not pull up the new pictures, simply close your Internet browser and restart the computer.
  • I want to have an Online Auction, what types of Online Auctions do you have?

    MyHorseForSale.com offers custom Online Auctions for Stallion Service Auctions, Production Sales, and Charity Auctions. For pricing and more information call us at 405-485-4224 or email us at sales@myhorseforsale.com.